Hi! I’m Katie, the Creator & Coach for The Matriarch Collaborative. TMCollab is a community based platform advocating & educating on holistic metaphysical transformation & healing. We extend Coaching Services to our community through Self-Discovery Coaching & Reiki Services.

“No matter how much we experience, we will always find there is more, a next step, another doorway, a deeper level.”

-William Lee Rand
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Self-Discovery Sessions

Zoom Self-Discovery Session w/Distance Reiki

When you book a Zoom Self-Discovery Session, you will be asked for your birth date information to begin our session with a personal astrology natal placement overview. This helps us identify your astral imprint & potential protruding shadows for balancing.

Next, we will consult with your spirit guides via oracle, to receive any universal messages. I utilize a 9-Card Bagua layout to identify a healing strategy & a 3-Card Chakra reading to set healing goals for our Reiki Session.

In conclusion of the call, I will ask that you create 15-Minutes of quiet time in a space for your to sit in meditation or to journal. I will be sending Distance Reiki to you during this time, and will send a follow up email with any messages that may have come up during the session. Be sure to move your body, eat healthy foods and drink a lot of water following your session, to aide in the energetic detox & increased flow of universal life-force energy.

DIY Crystal Wand Workshop Curation

As a community offering, DIY Crystal Wand Workshops are a great way to connect with your metaphysical self and ignite the process of self-discovery. Wands are created with a rose stem base and wrapped with adornments and materials that reflect the personality and soul of the maker. Materials, education & training are included in the workshop, which setting can be curated to your desire. We also offer outings, events and venue recommendations for your unique event.

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