A Guide For Women: Finding “Me” Time

They say a woman’s work is never done. A hectic work schedule, combined with trying to balance other areas of your life, may lead to you feeling like you are spinning too many plates in the air at once. With kids, family, work, chores, and the many responsibilities that we have to fulfill, there neverContinue reading “A Guide For Women: Finding “Me” Time”

4 Key Steps To Developing A More Positive Mindset

Negativity can discourage us, add to our stress, put a strain on our relationships, make us less productive, and reduce our overall happiness. Positivity, on the other hand, has many benefits across our lives in terms of our health, relationships, and careers. But, how do you become more positive? Is it really that simple? HereContinue reading “4 Key Steps To Developing A More Positive Mindset”

The Health Advantages of Meditation

When meditation was first suggested to me to help tame my anxiety, the practice seemed near impossible.  I started with guided meditations to try and get the hang of it, and opened up a whole new world of self-healing. How Meditation Works Practice makes perfect with meditation.  At first, it might just seem like youContinue reading “The Health Advantages of Meditation”

10 Reasons To Drink Coffee Every Day

Do we really need 10 reasons? Morning is enough of a reason for me! There is really nothing better than the sweet smell and taste of coffee in the morning. Each day my initial motivation lies within that cup. 54% of Americans drink coffee daily; but is it safe to drink coffee every day? Let’sContinue reading “10 Reasons To Drink Coffee Every Day”