Keep Your Family Healthy and Naturally Reduce the Risk of Illness

In the last year, several people I love, have been affected by cancer personally or they have lost someone close to them as a result of this terrible, deadly disease. It’s an unpleasant reminder that tomorrow is not promised.
With so much talk about all natural products and their benefits, I had to find out for myself why this was so important. The more research I have done, I have learned that what these chemicals and pollutants are doing, is changing the way our cells react within our bodies. This weakens our immune systems which leave us at risk for illness.
I am currently on a mission to learn and experience as much as I can about keeping myself and my family healthy. I want to share what I am learning with other families so we all have the opportunity to keep our bundles of joy happy and healthy.
Healthy families = a healthier world for everyone.
So here are the details…
What Are Free Radicals?
An oxygen free radical is a molecule containing oxygen, that has at least one unpaired electron. This isolated electron makes the molecule extremely reactive with other molecules inside the body. They scavenge for molecules to share their unpaired electron with, which creates molecular fusions. These fusions alter the structure and function of the cells they are reacting with.
I know, it’s all super scientific. I have found some great videos that help explain this and posted them in The Matriarch Community Facebook Group – request to join by clicking this link.
Keep reading below this very scientific infographic…
So as you can see, free radicals create a reaction with a healthy cell and when there is a lack of antioxidants present, the excess of free radicals leaves your body at risk of Oxidative Stress.
What Is Damaged By Oxidative Stress?
When free radicals start creating a chain reaction with healthy cells and there aren’t enough antioxidants in the body to prevent the reaction, you experience oxidative stress.
This stress can create a slew of health conditions.  Some of these include inflammatory diseases, heart attacks, heart failure, atherosclerosis, blood vessel disorders, fragile X syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, cancers, genetic mutations, and neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzheimer’s dementia and Parkinson’s disease.
What Are Antioxidants?
Antioxidants provide free radicals something to bind to, in a much safer way than binding with our healthy cells. In the absence of antioxidants, the healthy cell is exposed to serious damage, including becoming cancerous.
Antioxidants take one for the team and protect your essential cells from being attacked and taken over by free radicals.
Here are a couple of things I am doing now to better protect myself and my family against free radicals and oxidative stress. Antioxidants can come in many forms like supplements and food. You can also reduce the risk of exposure to chemicals that can leave you more susceptible to oxidative stress.
1. Supplements – One of the supplements I am currently taking is derived from the hemp plant and provides a full spectrum of compounds that have been shown to improve things like anxiety, depression and sleep issues.  It is even used to treat many serious issues like epilepsy and some autoimmune diseases.  It has all natural pain treatments that are safe and non-habit forming.  If you want to learn more about the CBD oil that I prefer and the benefits I have experienced, learn more by clicking this link.
2.  Clean and Natural Products – It is inevitable that we will be exposed to harmful chemicals and free radicals.  They are everywhere.  You can walk outside here in California and just immediately feel all the toxins in the air.  Prevention is key and can be achieved by protecting your body and making it as a strong and healthy as possible.  Heart & Body Naturals is a company I am partnered with and they literally speak to my soul with their products.  They have essential oils, CBD Oil, Supplements, Health Products and so much more.  By using these science backed and curated products regularly, you can support your body being in tip top shape to fight against free radicals and avoid illness, preserve your youth and just feel all around great.  Click here to check it out.  
3.  Eating more foods that are antioxidant-rich:


I have to sneak in the fact that coffee (yes, coffee!) is also an antioxidant, but that’s another topic – 10 Reasons To Drink Coffee Every Day.
What Are Some Oxidants you should avoid?
You will find these ingredients in more of the products you use everyday than you will actually believe. From cleaning supplies to face wash and shampoo. A lot of these on the shelf products in stores have these chemicals that are harmful to our body. There are several types of oxidants, including the following:
  • O2- (superoxide anion) This is an oxygen molecule that has one extra electron. It is a part of the electron transport chain. While it isn’t very reactive, it can release the iron from ferritin and from iron-sulfur proteins.
  • H2O2 or hydrogen peroxide This is formed by the dismutation of O2- or by the direct reduction of the oxygen molecule. It can diffuse across cell membranes, as it is lipid soluble.
  • OH- or Hydroxyl radical This is formed by decomposition of peroxynitrite and the Fenton reaction. It is extremely reactive, being able to attack most cellular components.
  • ROOH or organic hydroperoxide This is formed by reactions with cellular structures, such as DNA and lipids inside the cells.
  • RO or ROO These are organic radicals that have oxygen-centered in them. Lipids participate in lipid peroxidation reactions. It is produced along with O2 by the radical addition to hydrogen abstraction or by radical addition to double bonds.
  • HOCl or hypochlorous acid This is formed by a reaction between myeloperoxidase and hydrogen peroxide. It is highly reactive and lipid soluble, meaning that it can cross cell membranes.
  • ONOO- or peroxynitrite This is formed in a reaction between oxygen and nitrous oxide. It is soluble in lipids and is as reactive as hypochlorous acid.

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Usui Holy Fire Reiki Level II Practitioner

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