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Holistic Metaphysical Self-Discovery

Self-Discovery Sessions provide emotional & energetic relief, allowing space for self-discovery & empowerment. Metaphysics can help us identify and face undesirable characteristics & understand how to utilize our shadows as a super power.

What to expect from a Full 60-Min Self-Discovery Session:

Natal Astrology Reading

We will start by reviewing your natal astrology chart, also known as a birth-chart.  During this portion of the reading, we will focus on your personal planets including sun, moon, mercury, venus, mars & rising planetary placements. 

Understanding how these planets are energized in your unique chart, will help navigate any characteristic themes or shadows that could be hindering your most authentic health.  Understanding the balance to your energetic design, helps us leverage your natural energetic qualities for maximum self-awareness.

9-Card Oracle Card Reading

Ba Gua is a mapping format used to read energetic spaces by the elements (Tao Te Ching) and is commonly used in western Feng Shui & even strategy (Art of War). It gives a great comprehensive reading on the 9-core energetic areas of life and identifying where energy release might be most effective or necessary.

Reiki Energy w/Music Therapy & Meditation

Reiki is a non-touch relaxation technique.  It is commonly referred to as energy medicine or energy healing.  A Reiki Practitioner only serves as a channel to bring & direct universal life-force energy to where it is needed in the physical, emotional or energetic body. 

Anyone can be attuned to Reiki energy through a trained Reiki Master.  Reiki can be used as a self-healing practice or it can be used to heal others.  It can even be used in daily practical applications over food, in our work & in our relationships. 

3-Card Chakra Oracle

We will finish the session with a 3-Card Chakra Oracle reading to set energetic goals in between sessions.

After your Session, you can expect to feel these effects:


Defined as the “process of acquiring insight into one’s character”, you may leave a session feeling empowered, cleared of negative energy as it pertains to your energy character here on the earth.


The act of self-discovery can promote an increased capacity for inspiration in many areas, including entrepreneurship. When we utilize holistic and metaphysic modalities to self-identify, we clear space for our highest-self to show up, and often times that can lead to success in passion projects and entrepreneurship.

Detox Effects

Mind, body, soul & your physical surroundings (people & places) will sense your energy cleanse and things, emotions, feelings and even people that do not align with this higher energy will fall away. Drink lots of water, eat whole foods and move your body following a session for maximum effect.

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